Benefits For Your Practice

Happy Patients

A world-class patient experience improves customer retention and encourages/facilitates the growth of the practice.

Healthy Profitable Practice

Make informed decisions using your data and compare to industry best practices to improve the bottom line and overall value.

Happy Employees and Owners

Create an enjoyable and productive workplace while cultivating a company culture where everyone on your team feels valued and appreciated.

Limit Risks and Be Compliant

Meet HIPAA compliance regulations, ensure that patient data is secure, and limit other risks. Our main goal is to secure your loose ends so you can sleep better at night.

Steps to Success

Correct hardware systems and technology are the foundation.

  1. We use a HIPAA-compliant security and network system that provides monitoring, logging, and reporting services required for compliance. Our unified security solution protects the entire network against todays advanced threats.
  2. Servers and workstations meet optimal performance standards for software systems. Hardware is rotated within its proper lifecycle. Old hardware that is slow reduces practice production and increases labor costs.
  3. Servers, workstations, network equipment, and cabling is organized and secure.
  4. Patient education and entertainment systems increase patient knowledge and retention.
  5. Overhead audio uses white noise to create a pleasant work environment by limiting patient-to-patient distractions.
  1. Correct phone system and internet connections.
  2. HD video surveillance protects against loss and limits your legal liability.
  3. HIPPA-compliant backup and redundant server solutions allow you to keep your data and server images safe, and offer the option to limit downtime and production loss with a redundant server solution.
  4. Mostly management and support is a proactive approach to ensuring that everything in your office is operating correctly and efficiently. This limits production and revenue losses.

The right software that supports secure, efficient, compliant clinical and business activities.

  1. Practice management software
  2. Imaging software: operatory and panoramic imaging
  3. Phone software for reporting
  4. Reminder software
  1. Marketing social media and web management software/tools
  2. Secure communications and office products
  3. Analytics dashboard and real-time reporting

Business analytics, objective patient and employee feedback, and practice work flow analysis.

  1. Set up the right analytic data points to monitor business and clinical goals.
  2. Create workflows to review, analyze, and implant necessary changes to meet business goals.
  3. Implement objective patient and employee feedback systems that provide measurable results to effect positive changes in operational workflow and company policies and procedures.
  1. Partner strategy (based off the analytics): Work with CentriServe to find the right partners that will provide a true ROI to the practice and monitor the actual results for the best possible service.
  2. Training for all systems: Designate a systems expert that can do short monthly trainings using CentriServe’s Training Library for common software systems.
  3. HIPAA management, training, and reporting program.

Healthy profitable practice focused on happy patients, employees, and owners.

  1. A secure, compliant network, complete with the right systems, policies, procedures, workflows, analytics, and feedback that allows you to:
    • Utilize the data to fine-tune patient satisfaction and overall experience when they visit your practice.
    • Better understand your employees, create, clear goals and objectives that are measurable for each member of your staff, and provide a safe platform for employees to offer anonymous, unfiltered feedback.
    • Improve your practice’s value and profitability.

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